This is it. You’ve been talking about this. Again. And again. For fucking ever man……
And now you get it.

Remember when you first heard
real house music?

When a dj would take you on an actual

When you went to the out of the city to cut some
fucking rug.

To some sketchy place miles off the path, with a door that didn’t match the sign, and a doorman who wanted $3 - Not $5 or $1 - but in return you got the
best night of your life.

When your work week loosened you, and the dance floor
tightened you back into the Steve Austin you are.

When you can
dance for hours like no one was watching.

When you could get a drink without a douche-bro cutting you off for his 6th red bull vodka.

No more of this formula-laden spoon fed shit these promoters keep feeding you.

No more one hour sets.

Fuck, not ever two hour sets.

FOUR + hour sets *every* time.

You’re welcome.

We bring it back.

Deep+House+funk+tech, from Latin America to Europe and back around to North America.

Fadiem (fab+diem) and occasional special guests.

The Global Sounds that make you feel

First Saturdays @ Lucky Liquor
10324 E Marginal Way South, Deep South Seattle
21+ after 9pm